Choosing the right product:

By example replacing an existing system on an observation wheel it is necessary to find out what is the right product, what is the right opto semi-conductor module to use. To answer this questions we should find out what is the purpose of the new MSL system, is it:

For lighting only?
For advertising purpose?
To build an integrated system (using the MAX-link application)?
To attract customers to the attraction itself (self-advertisement)?

The next decision will be which kind of operating system the package should have:

The basic chip operated system?
A system with additional color options?
A system with WIFI capabilities?
An “on site” programmable system Which module to use?

24 C3 opto semi-conductor modules.
24 S3 opto semi-conductor modules.
48 G opto semi-conductor modules.
48 GW opto semi-conductor modules.
24 B3 opto semi-conductor modules.

And last but not least, shall the system be expandable at a later point of time, with additional MSL fixtures. Once these questions are answered, our team can help you to find the right MSL product to be used.